Our services

We offer the supply of carefully engineered RO systems for the desalination of Brackish and Sea water, with capacities ranging from 50 to 1,000,000 GPD. Depending on raw water quality and selection of membranes, system recoveries up to 90 % could be reached. RO systems are designed to economically meet client’s specific requirements. The equipment uses the highest quality components and is suitable for all commercial applications. We can supply huge, sea - water Ro machines. And medium size, brackish - water ROs’.. . to the smaller, compact - design models from our series which are fabricated and assembled in our workshop.

  • "Health with every water drop;

House Water Filtration

We offer a wide range of media filters, water softeners and deionization units used in various water treatment applications The vessels used in this models are made of metallic material that simply cannot rust. The composite vessels are made of NSF / FDA listed constituents and therefore ideal when human health is a concern. This series starts with as small as 10” diameter vessels up to the huge 79” tank, and thus covering a vast range of residential, commercial and industrial uses. The operation of this series equipment is fully automatic..

Reverse Osmosis ( RO ) System

With many stages RO water purification system you can now turn normal tap water into pure alkaline drinking water any time you want to. You can also save money every time you do so. Our water membrance technology, removes all salts, bacteria and viruses from normal tap water and gives you 100% Alkaline drinking water We supply RO equipment starting 75 up to 3000 GPD

Medical RO Systems

We can also supply medical - grade RO machines for hospital and clinics.

Introducing the newest and best shower filter technology for a complete solution of hair fall dandruff and skin problems....

Cooling system

We supply product that gives you cold water in summer We supply water chiller for home, villa and industrial use as well we provide swimming pool chiller heat pump for heating and cooling system for the water with automatic adjustable temperature controller