Who we are?

Al Mottahida is one of the best companies in the field of treatment. We supply best solution for water treatment and cooling systems for houses, Clinics, hospitals, ..etc.

  • "Health with Every Drop"

90 % purified water

With Al Muttahida Water Treatment and up to 90 % purified water, you will get

  • a strong product that will last for significantly long time
  • Warranty on different products
  • Consistent support from our service team and a prompt assistance on all your quires
  • Save thousands of Dirhams spent on Mineral water for your residence and business
  • Convenience of the availability of fresh clean water at your disposal at all times
  • Safe clean water for drinking and all around cooking purposes
  • Saving the environment , by reducing your bottled water intake
  • Your gateway to a healthier fuller hair
  • The luxury of controlling the water temperature according to your needs